Apple TV +

Apple TV Art Direction While working with strict brand guidelines our mission was to innovate new and exciting experiences to showcase content for new series and film releases such as The Problem with Jon Stewart, The After Party and Harriet the Spy. Our job was to maintain evergreen content with styles breaking the average clip-based… Read More

Colossal Biosciences

Colossal Biosciences Creative & Design Through technological and engineering breakthroughs in biosciences and genetics, Colossal is accepting humanity’s duty to restore Earth to a healthier state, while also solving for the future economies and biological necessities of the human condition. Read More

Jurassic World Franchise

Jurassic World Creative Motion & Design Lead Our goal was to keep core fans engaged and excited with content that serves them on a deeper level and acknowledges their love for the world. We accomplished that goal by leveraging cultural events, key campaign beats, and emerging trends to stay relevant and top of mind in… Read More

Pokémon Detective Pikachu

Pokémon Detective Pikachu Creative Motion & Design Lead Our goal was to show off the beloved Pokémon universe through in-world creative and content that takes the POV of a fan. We worked to emphasize the unexpected comedy that comes from the relationship between Tim and his newly discovered talking Pikachu and to encourage fans to… Read More

Fender Play Social Campaign

Fender Play Creative Motion Lead & Design Our goal was to launch Fender Play on Instagram as a one-of-a-kind online learning platform for the beginner guitar player. Our job was to position Fender Play on Instagram as an enticing and welcoming gateway to becoming a guitar player. A majority of Fender conversation is occurring on… Read More

AT&T / Audience Network Social

AT&T Audience Network Motion, Design and Illustration Our job was to encourage active participation while showcasing the mysterious and suspenseful tone of the brand’s tentpole titles (Mr. Mercedes, Condor). We utilized innovation to bypass platform challenges and applied social best-practices to maximize reach. We activated engagement strategies, such as CTAs and interactive creative, to spur… Read More

The Secret Life of Pets 2

The Secret Life of Pets 2 Creative Motion & Design Lead Our goal was to take the Pets fandom to the next level by integrating our characters into pet culture and lifestyle trends online. Our core positioning is represented best in character-specific samples rather than a connective narrative.Everything presented should be viewed through the perspective… Read More

I Am the Night

I AM THE NIGHT Creative Motion Lead and Design Our challenge was to create fervent anticipation for the series premiere of I Am the Night, a slow burning drama about one of the most infamous cold cases in history. To do so, we needed to reach deep into the core true crime fandom, investigating the… Read More